Odyssey - 3ph 80-4000KVA static, double conversion technology

Odyssey is a static digital three phase voltage stabilizer, suitable to keep the rms value of the output voltage at the target value with the input voltage inside the rated range. In the Odyssey static stabilizers, the compensation of the input voltage fluctuation is managed by exploiting the double-conversion technology. The traditional regulating system is replaced by the converters that generate the necessary voltage once the control system has detected an incorrect situation. The main feature of such configuration is the fast response (<3msecs), which guarantees real-time correction and voltage steadiness on the load side. The double conversion technology also ensures insulation from disturbances and distortions in the grid. Thanks to suitable electrolytic capacitors, high power loads demands can be met. Odyssey maintains the usual operational features: the regulation is performed on each phase independently, the load can vary between 0 and 100% on each phase and the operation is not affected by the load power factor. The unit can operate with or without the neutral wire. Standard units cover a wide power range and offer a double input connection so that with the same unit two different input variations (±15/±20% or ±25/±30%) can be dealt with. A 10” multilingual\ touchscreen on the front door works as user interface. By surfing the available menus, the electrical measures can be read and setting parameters adjusted. The interface is fitted with an Ethernet communication port, which, via dedicated «client», allows remote monitoring. Communication with the control system can be established also via RS485 serial bus and Modbus TCP/IP protocol. The standard unit is housed in an IP21 metallic enclosure with RAL9005 finish for indoor installation. Extracting fans ensure losses dissipation and unit cooling.

Main Components
  • Voltage regulation - IGBT control (double conversion technology)
  • Voltage stabilization: Independent phase control
  • Output voltage accuracy: ±0,5%
  • Correction time <3 ms
  • Admitted load imbalance: 100%
  • Max admitted overload: 150% for 1 minute (with e-bypass ON)
  • Voltage regulation: +15/-30%
  • Overvoltage protection
    • Input class I surge arrestors
    • Output class II surge arrestors
  • Incoming and outgoing terminals
  • Buck-boost transformers
  • Conversion units
  • Electronic bypass
  • Electronic cards
  • Control panel and communication

The single phase under vacuum resin impregnated transformers, low losses iron core and aluminum winding, insulation class H, are connected in series of each phase (secondary windings) to add or subtract the voltage necessary to compensate for the mains fluctuation. The primary windings are supplied by the conversion Unit. The buck-boost transformers are designed for continuous functioning at the maximum current, which take place when the voltage reaches the minimum value of its input range.

Insulation voltage 3kv 50Hz 1 min.

Reference standards IEC 60076

  • IP54/55 protection degree. Indoor/Outdoor
  • EMI/RFI Filters
  • Input Isolating Transformer
  • Power distribution
  • SPD Protection

Combinations or one or more of the accessories listed in the following might result in an increase of the stabilizer overall dimensions and weight.