Gemini - 1ph 4-40KVA static digitally controlled

Gemini series are static digital single phase voltage stabilizers, suitable to keep the rms value of the output voltage at the target value with the input voltage inside the rated range. The Gemini series identifies the single-phase static stabilizers and is available in two configurations:

  • Gemini. Base version fitted with class II output SPD, EMI/RFI filter and automatic bypass.
  • Gemini Plus. Advanced version which in addition to the protections included in the base version, offers also input circuit breaker and manual maintenance bypass device.

Standard units cover a wide power range and offer a double input connection so that with the same unit two different input variations (±15%/±20% or ±25%/±30%) can be dealt with. These percentages cover most of the common necessities, but different values can be requested. The control unit (basically a single-phase inverter that generates the voltage destined to the series buck/boost transformer) is specifically designed for the static stabilizer. The board manages voltage regulation, measurement of the electrical parameters and alarms. A digital display on the front panel shows the output voltage and the alarm code (min/max output voltage, internal overheating, overload, short-circuit, bypass status, etc.).

Main Components
  • Voltage regulation IGBT controlled
  • Selectable output voltage* 220-230-240V
  • Output voltage accuracy ±0.5%
  • Frequency 50Hz ±5% or 60Hz ±5%
  • Admitted load variation Up to 100%
  • Cooling Forced ventilation
  • Ambient temperature -25/+45°C
  • Storage temperature -25/+60°C
  • Max relative humidity <95% (non condensing)
  • Admitted overload 150% 2sec
  • Color RAL 9005
  • Enclosure protection IP 21
  • Instrumentation Output digital voltometer
  • Installation Indoor
  • Overvoltage protection Output class II surge arrestors
  • Protection Gemini
    • EMI/RFI filters
    • Protection by-pass (automatic)
  • Protection Gemini Plus
    • EMI/RFI filters
    • Input circuit breaker
    • Protection by-pass (automatic)
    • Maintenance by-pass (manual)

* Output voltage can be adjusted by choosing one of the indicated values. Such choice sets the new nominal value as a reference for all the stabilizer parameters.

Buck/boost transformer

Often referred to as ‘booster’ transformer, it is a standard dry-type transformer with the secondary winding connected in series to the mains and the primary winding supplied by the voltage regulator.

Conversion unit

AC/DC rectifier: it converts the phase to neutral voltage of the AC mains into DC voltage by means of a fully controlled IGBT bridge. The rectifier is sized in order to supply the inverter at full load. DC/AC inverter: it converts the DC voltage coming from the rectifier into AC voltage, stabilized in amplitude. The inverter uses the same IGBT technology as the rectifier.

Electronic control

IGBT microcontroller-based electronic control boards running the system in terms of regulation and alarm management. They compare the output voltage value to the set one: if a difference is detected, they generate the compensation necessary to bring back the output voltage to the nominal value (provided that said difference falls in the working range).

  • Interrupting devices
  • Load protection against over/undervoltage
  • Input isolating transformer
  • Up to IP55 protection degree for indoor and outdoor installation

Combinations or one or more of the accessories listed in the following might result in an increase of the stabilizer overall dimensions and weight.