EN 50160 / IEC 61000 / IEEE 519

GRIDCON® ACF Compact version is the number one choice for challenging compensation tasks where reliability and safety are needed, for example, even beyond normal operating voltages and under challenging ambient conditions.

(Compliance with the limit values for harmonics in accordance with EN 50160 / IEC 61000 / IEEE 519)

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The GRIDCON ACF Compact version is a 4 wire device and belongs to the new generation of Active Harmonic Filters. The GRIDCON ACF active filters use a new 3 - level technology. The 3-level circuit is based on twelve IGBTs, whereas conventional 2-level active filters only comprise of six. The special circuitry halves the voltage load of the power semiconductors. On the one hand this results in lower losses and on the other hand enables use in grids with a higher rated voltage. This 4-wire active filter is optimized for filtering single-phase loads, and protects against neutral conductor overloads. Common applications are in 208 V and 400 V networks. Given the isolated main cooling duct and low losses, reliable operation is possible under demanding environmental conditions. GRIDCON® ACF Compact is always used when only smaller ratings are needed and space is tight. The device offers the same features as GRIDCON® ACF Building version, but in a very compact form. The operator can perform parameterization for new or changed tasks himself, ensuring long-term flexibility. GRIDCON® ACF Compact version monitors and autonomously reduces malfunctions in plant grids and ensures compliance with voltage-distortion standards.

  • Operation up to 415 V +10% at full power without derating.
  • Rated current of 60 A, can be extended in a modular manner.
  • High power density and extremely compact design.
  • Very low losses advanced IGBT microprocessor circuit, 3 levels technology.
  • Degree of protection up to IP 21 possible.
  • Dynamic compensation of reactive power, harmonics, and flicker, as well as load balancing and neutral conductor relief in one unit.
  • Ease of install (plug n’ play) service and operation.
  • Modular design for easy future expansion as needed (Up to 4 extension modules).
  • Maximum operational reliability in all circumstances.
  • Low losses.
  • Low life-cycle cost.
  • Reducing equipment wear and maintenance instances.
  • Preventing production disruptions.
  • All devices comply at least with the EMC requirements of an industrial environment. As an option, the four-wire devices even satisfy the more stringent EMC class B for residential environments (EN55011).
  • Given the isolated main cooling duct and low losses, reliable operation is possible under demanding environmental conditions.
  • Offices and commercial buildings
  • Additions to rectifiers
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial plants with small connection rating