Training of Kafkas SA sales personel

With two (2) seminars in two (2) phases was completed the training of Kafkas SA sales personnel.

Specifically, on June 8th took place the training of the account and pre-sales managers in the headquarters of Kafkas in Paiania and on June 14th took place the training of the sales directors in KAFKAS Institute of Training & Development, where the sales directors of all outlets in Attica attended physically and the sales directors of all rest outlets via the company’s e-learning platform.

The training covered the following topics:

  1. Certified low voltage transformers: operation, applications, benefits and selection criteria
  2. Electrical supply and control products: voltage stabilizers, insulation monitors, temperature monitors, multi-meters and network analyzers, industrial current leakage relays and current transfomers. Applications, benefits and selection criteria for each one of the above categories were thoroughly presented.

Following the above training, electricians and end users throughout Greece can be informed – via the network of Kafkas stores – about the benefits of the certified transformers which are manufactured in our own factory as well as the rest of our products which belong to the wider category of electrical supply and control.