How you benefit from voltage stabilizers

Significant lack of information has been noticed the last years in the market, among the electricians regarding the benefits from installing voltage stabilizers. Many people mistakenly believe that the voltage stabilizer is not so necessary or useful in an electrical installation, or otherwise, it is a kind of “luxury”. Combined with the lack of liquidity (when this is the case) or cost reduction pressures, they consciously chose not to install a stabilizer.

But is that the correct choice? Is it, indeed, the voltage stabilizer a “luxury”? How can we benefit from a stabilizer?

To answer the above questions, we should know what is the problem that a stabilizer is expected to solve.

The root of problem is the lack of a stable voltage supply, which in turn is cause by sags or surges.

The lack of stable voltage results in a number of negative effects and risks, some of which are less important but some others may cause considerable damages.

The main consequences of the lack of stable voltage supply are the following:

  • Increase of the operating voltage, hence greater energy consumption and costs.
  • Risk of data loss or transfer of incorrect or damaged data.
  • Interruptions of the production lines creating additional production setup costs, reducing production efficiency or not meeting the delivery times (which in some cases may even lead to payments of large amounts of money due to relevant contractual clauses).
  • Machinery/ equipment damage risk with high replacement or repair costs, additional risk of fire and consequent property losses or human life risks.
  • False alarms from security systems.

Accordingly, the above problems concern not only industries but also household individuals, especially in cases of expensive household appliances, where the repair/ replacement costs are particularly high.

The installation of the appropriate voltage stabilizer solves the above problems and relieves the (industrial or house) owner from the above risk purely because it stabilizes the voltage to the desired value regardless of input voltage variations.

Certainly, the purchase and installation of a stabilizer increases the overall cost of the electrical installation. But it should be taken into account what will be the cost in the case of non-installation of the stabilizer.

Depending on the type and the quality of the stabilizer as well as how big the problem of lack of stable voltage supply is, it has been observed that the full depreciation of the cost of stabilizer purchase and installation may take place in only a few years and comes from the lower energy consumption.

With regards to the protection from the other risks, each owner (industry or home) knows better the value of his machinery or equipment and/or the specificities and requirements of his production and as a result, he can make up his own decisions.