EMMIS Participation in the 1ST International Exhibition ELEC-TEC 2016

With great success was completed EMMIS participation in the 1st International Exhibition of Electrical Materials ELEC-TEC, which took place in MEC, Paiania (Athens) in the period 26-29 February 2016.

During the exhibition the certified transformers were presented to the visitors and the audience was informed about their benefits, which relate both to electrician installers and the final users, such as – indicatively – the absolute safety during installation and operation, the very low energy losses, the full correspondence between indicated and actual power, the easy installation, the 10-years warranty and the full quality control following the strictest international standards and is made on all final products, one by one.

Moreover, were presented the voltage stabilizers, multimeters and insulation and temperature monitors, which are exclusively distributed in Greece and neighboring countries by EMMIS, providing more integrated solutions in the electric power sector.

Parallel with the exhibition, EMMIS was selected and presented as one of the industry’s success story – among 14 cases and corresponding distinguished speakers – in the conference organized by “Technoekdotiki – T-Press” in the first day of the exhibition.

During the presentation, Mr. Miserlis – EMMIS CEO – placed particular emphasis on how the certification and the quality upgrade of the transformers, combined with the successful implementation of a long-term development and marketing strategy, resulted in increased turnover and profitability, the increased exports and the overall upgrade of the EMMIS brand.

In the above mentioned conference and parallel events that were held during the exhibition, were also presented the new European regulations for the electrical equipment, the potential of Greek businesses in the sector, problems facing businesses and market trends.

The ELEC-TEC attracted a total of 14,250 visitors, of which 52.4% came from the electrical equipment sector, lighting and are professional electricians and installers.

As the 1st International Exhibition of Electrical Products, it is also remarkable that 2.2% of the visitors came from foreign countries.