EMMIS Marine in HEMEXPO’s expedition in Istanbul

EMMIS MARINE’s presence at the business expedition of HEMEXPO (Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufactures & Exporters) which took place in Turkey on the 12th and 13th of December, was an undoubted success. While the event was unfolding, the company’s CEO, Mr. Andreas Miserlis, presented the type approved MAR/TC transformers product line, as well as the entire product line of EMMIS Marine products (electrical supply/ power control and quality, with active harmonic filters, temperature and insulation monitoring devises, power transformers and other). A distinctive element that demonstrates EMMIS Marine’s superiority is the vast number of installations which are being implemented into new shipbuldings of major marine companies.

HEMEXPO’s delegates presented their products and services in front of more than 60 representatives of the Turkish shipping and marine industry, while they also met and discussed with the representatives of marine and technical companies with the objective being the enhancement of cooperation between the two countries.

Future plans of HEMEXPO’s members include the further development of cooperation strategy with the major shipyards of the Eastern world, given the fact that the Greek ship-owners are their most basic clients. During the visit, the Greek delegates had the opportunity to visit 4 of the biggest shipyards in Istanbul, in Yalova.