Certified transformers

One of the very few manufacturers globally with certified low-voltage transformers

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Certified transformers

Advanced industrial

With the use of specialized software of high precision, we design our transformers by comparing and evaluating alternative manufacturing strategies for each application.

Thus, we ensure and document the optimal quality-cost relation of our products, prior to the beginning of the production process.

Advanced industrial design
Low energy losses

Low energy losses

By applying innovative winding techniques, special air ducts are created between the coils ensuring the free dissipation of the heat and the low operating temperature of our transformers.

In addition, with the use of a core of low losses, energy losses are minimized up to 1%.

Smaller dimensions. Lower weight. Greater flexibility.

Smaller dimensions
Lower weight
Higher flexibility

The combined use of top-quality raw materials reduces the requirements in terms of space and weight, while at the same time, keeps the quality of the transformers at high levels.

By applying innovative winding conductors, we eliminate the empty spaces created during the winding process.

Transformers >150KVA
9 points of superiority

9 points of superiority

Smart Enclosure Design

Smart Enclosure Design

The smart design with special ventilation openings and hidden spots inside the enclosure provides a high protection level and the necessary ventilation for achieving energy saving.

Design with Air Ducts

Design with Air Ducts

The smart design provides internal air ducts in order to achieve the necessary ventilation and the low operating temperature, even during temporary load fluctuations.

Limited Heat Loss

Limited Heat Losses

Special high-current cable terminations prevent thermal losses and enhance the performance of the transformers.

Cables Mechanical Support

Cables Mechanical Support

The special cable routing design with mechanical support eliminates the danger from possible current leakage and the progressing loosening.

Design with Air Ducts

Safe Transport

The lifting lugs on the transformer minimize the human effect during transportation and provide protection against labor (industrial) accidents, damage to equipment, or deformation of the enclosure.

Fast Installation and Maintenance

Easy Cover Removal

The easy removal and re-positioning of the surfaces of the enclosure, provide full and convenient access, make installation easier, and reduce the required maintenance duration.

Smaller dimensions. Lower weight

Smaller dimensions. Lower weight.

Leading-edge foil technology eliminates the gaps created during winding and minimizes the size and weight of the transformer in relation to its power.

Long Lifetime

Long Lifetime

The low operating temperatures minimize the stress on insulation material and extend the lifetime of the transformer.

High Endurance

High Endurance

The high-standards encapsulation, the special specification paint, and the special process of metallic parts for rust protection provide high endurance against hard environmental conditions (humidity, temperature) in marine applications.

Safety or
certified safety?

Certified raw materials of top quality and insulation by branded European producers

Transformers certified by TÜV SÜD, following regular inspections based on the strictest international standards

Full quality control with the strictest specifications to all final items, one by one

Written official power of the transformers correspond fully to the actual power

10 year warranty

10 years