EMMIS Digital Voltage Stabilizers are made in Italy by ORTEA, one of the best brands worldwide and have multiple benefits, such as:

  • High degree of stabilization
  • Minimizing costs and needs of maintenance
  • Long life
  • Constant control of the desired voltage
  • Fast voltage regulation
  • Easy transportation due to wheels
  • Customized solutions depending on the client’s needs

The stabilizers are classified in two basic categories: electromechanical and electronic (or static) stabilizers

Electromechanical Stabilizers

The electromechanical stabilizers are digitally controlled. They consist of a Buck / Boost transformer with the secondary winding is connected in series to the mains and the primary winding supplied by the voltage regulator.

The electromechanical stabilizers are often used in industrial installations, or installations of big nominal power (naval installations, industries, medical facilities, supermarkets, big households etc), where the most important criteria are endurance in very high or very low voltages and a high degree of stabilization.

Electronic (Static) Stabilizers

Electronic stabilizers consist of voltage transformers with taps, which are used for voltage regulation. The connection of the proper tap is made by a group of thyristors. The driving and the control of thyristors is made by secondary digital circuits.

Electronic stabilizers are used in an installation where the most important feature is the speed of stabilization, as well as in installations where space is limited. These installations are – indicatively – server farms and installations with computing systems.

The most important criteria for choosing the correct stabilizer are high degree of stabilization, the capability of the stabilizer to operate in full load at the full width of voltage variation, and the capability of choosing the proper model for your needs.

We are at your disposal to help you choose the proper stabilizer, depending on your needs and your installations features.

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