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EMMIS enters the market of active harmonic filters

COMSYSEMMIS SA announces its cooperation with the Swedish company COMSYS AB for the exclusive promotion, distribution and sales of active harmonic filters in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, FYROM and Albania.

With this cooperation, EMMIS SA integrates high technology products in its portfolio and strengthens its activity in Power Quality sector, thus continuing with consistence the implementation of its strategic plan of development in Greece and abroad.

The National Technical University of Athens participates in EMMIS seminars

In the framework of EMMIS policy with regards the education of electrical engineers and electricians, an additional technical seminar titles “Transformers and other products for electrical supply and control” was completed.

The seminar was attended by undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of National Technical University of Athens.

5 rules for the safe installation of a transformer

The strict compliance with safety regulations during a transformer’s installation and operation is a subject that needs to be taken under great consideration for two basic reasons:

First and foremost, to protect the electrical equipment of the installation, as well as the entirety of the electrical installation, but mostly to protect human life from accidents.

Secondly, to secure the validity of the warranty, which ceases to apply if the necessary procedures haven’t been followed during the installation and operation of the transformer.

EMMIS certified transformers at Lefkada’s new hospital

EMMIS certified isolation transformers for hospital use, were selected to be installed to the new buildings of Lefkada’s General Hospital with 123 beds, which is under construction.

The high level of safety and reliable operation – as a result of product certification that EMMIS transformers have – was the main selection criteria of our trasnformers.

Sivitanideios School of Arts and Crafts attends EMMIS seminars

A new seminar was delivered with great success at EMMIS premises, to participatings students of the last class of High school of Sivitanideios school of Arts and Crafts.

The seminar was titled “Transformers and other products for electrical supply and control” and was split into two parts: one theoretical and one practical.

EMMIS continues its technical seminars

Another seminar was concluded successfully on Saturday 19th November 2016 at EMMIS facilities, entitled “Transformers and other products for electrical supply and control”. In this seminar participated the union of electricians and installers from the area of Thiva as well as teachers from the Sivitadeios Public School of Arts and Crafts.

Annual inspection for certification of EMMIS transformers

DSC_3137 (2)The process of annual inspection and renewal of the EMMIS transformers certification, was successfully concluded by the Certification Organization TÜV SÜD, on 14 Oct 2016.

In the framework of the annual inspection, the following strict tests and examinations were made:

Why the purchase of a certified transformer is cost efficient

One of the most important criteria of selecting a good quality transformer is the indicator of energy losses, which come from its operation. The minimizion of the energy losses of the transformer has a direct effect not only the environmental protection and the energy footprint of the factory (or the building) where it is installed, but also at its operational cost since lower energy losses result in lower operational costs. 


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